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Meet Our staff
David & Yuka

Yuka and I are the owners of Jlodge. We love this place and we feel very honored to have the chance to meet you and perhaps get to know you over a cup of coffee or even a cold, refreshing smoothie!


We got married about 15 years ago and lived in San Francisco for more than 10 years. We began managing Jlodge Coffee shop more than four years ago. We love meeting new people and we love creating a welcoming place for you. Please come to meet us and to enjoy some freshly roasted coffee or a cold refreshing smoothie!

私達は結婚して15年になります。10年ほどサンフランシスコに住んでいました。4年くらい前にJlodge Coffee shopで働き始めました。新しい方々とも出会い、またここを心地良い場所として創っていくことが喜びです。どうぞ私達に会いに来て、焙煎したての新鮮なコーヒーやスムージーを楽しんで下さい!

"Asking the right questions is more important then correctly answering the wrong ones."
David Mills 



Our coffees and our philosophy


We use only specialty grade coffee beans that are carefully selected from coffee all around the world. 



We always seek to roast beans from different places in ways that will bring out the unique, special flavors of those beans. 


Our desire is to honor the men and women who have worked hard to grow and process the beans. It is also how we can honor you, our friends who come to drink with us. And, it is a way for us to honor God through the work of our hands.


We still have a lot to learn. But as we learn we are striving to be among the best coffee shops in the greater Kanto area. We hope you will come!




We treat espresso like a prized treasure. We use only single origin beans and we continue our light roasting philosophy. The beans we have chosen for espresso are a natural processed bean that produces a sweet and very special flavor. 


If you like espresso I think you are in for a treat. 



And since espresso is the basis for latte, we produce a uniquely sweet drink that you won't find anywhere else.  


And, if we don't make it well, we will do it again and give you another chance to experience a great espresso.


Hope to see you here!!



Jlodge Coffee Roasters

4-11-17 Sanada Hiratsuka-shi

Kanagawa 259-1206

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