Here is some music that we have found to be interesting. We hope you will enjoy searching through these videos and perhaps finding some new artists to follow!


These artists you see here are featured in the Jlodge background music. They have very kindly given us permission to use their music in this way.  Please take time to check them out here and follow them on Youtube and purchase their songs! I will add more as we receive permissions from new artists. 

04 brookline to brooklyn - Adam Henry Garcia
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Sorry, no video is available to Adam Henry Garcia's songs. But, you can check out more of his music by going here:

Cellophane Sam - Desire

Sasha Mishkin 

Krestovsky - In the Clear

Les Hayden - Book on a Shelf

Greg Atkinson - White Horses

The musicians shown below are not played in Jlodge due to copywright issues. But they are wonderful musicians and I hope you enjoy listening to them!!

Lincoln Park

"As One"


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